Unlu Tekstil Continues to Grow

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Unlu Tekstil, which is one of the biggest garment manufacturers and exporters in Turkey, continues to grow with its investments made in the textile sector.

It has reached today's contemporary structure with its ability to perceive customer expectations and keeping up with competitive conditions for 25 years in every period.

Founded in 1980 by Sabri Ünlü in the Netherlands, Unlu Tekstil moved to Istanbul in 1992 and became one of Turkey's number one apparel factories.

Ünlü Textile is Turkey's largest garment producer-exporter companies with its strong infrastructure, more than 650 staffs and dozens of foreign customers. Unlu Tekstil which has all the processes from fabric control to sewing to packaging can present all models with the same quality and yield in the name of women outwears such as pants, blouse, dress, skirt, jacket, jacket. In addition to quality and efficient production, it designs and made make collections for its customers and see this as a key element of customer satisfaction.

Unlu Tekstil is realized its one of the most important developments with its new place of 26.000 m2 built by its own capital and moved to in May 2009. With this investment to its business, it captures the speed, quality and capacity required by the competitive market.