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Unlu Tekstil has all production units in its possession. It has the capacity to produce 150.000 woven women outerwear per month.

Unlu Tekstil is not only a qualified clothes manufacturer but also provide full service to its customers on many levels from design to collection creation process and total quality control of the product.

If requested, we can also support the purchase of fabric from Turkish or foreign suppliers, as well as help to fulfill the related customs procedures. The A-Class Approved Person Status Certificate, which it possesses, speeds up customs clearance.

Every season, the latest designs of Turkish fabric producers is displayed in our Showroom. In the light of customer information, a package is created from the product samples and the customers is provided support with knowledge.

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Within the scope of our service pack that we offer to our customers, there are also patterns and models created in computer environment. Our customers can send their information in digital media to us at any time via e-mail.

The Gerber Cad Cam system we are using can work with almost any system in the world and necessary digital information sent can be made compatible with our system.

Unlu Tekstil can work on the patterns that the customers have created, as well as extract new patterns from any model or drawing that the customer will provide, and they can display these patterns according to every size. After the pattern and displaying phase, Unlu Tekstil produces the first sample from the fabric which the customer is selected in a few days. Both the sample preparation process and the mass production can be performed under one roof.

Thus, productivity is ensured through our close processes.

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Advanced Creating Model