Ünlü Tekstil

Soft Sampling Process

We have revised the whole process to make the sampling shorter and more efficient. With the acquisition of Clo3d software licences and 3 operation desks with the right hardware and personnel, revision stages are much easier and more consistent.

After the design of the model pattern is finalized, a 3d representation of the pattern is created in the software.

The physical and optical properties of the fabric determined during the design of the pattern are then extracted and applied to the 3d model. The 3d model is then passed through a simulation software with the same mass, thickness, stiffness, elasticity, stickiness etc. with the fabric determined by design and worn on a 3d human model.

When the model is physically and optically looks correct, a photo realistic rendered image is generated with different camera angles.

The rendered images are sent to the customer to be evaluated along with the 3d model. The 3d model can be viewed by the customer with the licence free Clo3d Viewer.

After the customer evaluation the revisions are done on the fly if there are any. Since the product is 3-dimensional and physically simulated, revisions can be made very easily and quickly.

Because of the online soft process, we get rid of the long shipping times of the sample. After the soft model is finalized, a sample can be produced with precision, with little or no revision time.