Quality - From Design to Production

At the roots of Ünlü Tekstil are placed the perfectionist vision and passion of its founding father, Sabri Ünlü, who established it in 1992 as a manufacturing facility. However, in time, this vision and passion provided the much required energy for the facility to transform into a company where premium textile products are created with a focus on manufacturing.


Throughout the years, the company has embraced a welcoming understanding towards sustainable engineering and enhancement that has become the distinctive feature of its culture of doing business. The company has managed to cultivate a manufacturing structure in an area of 26,000 m2 annually manufacturing, using state of the art technology, more than 2,500,000 textile items including garments such as jackets, trousers, blouses and skirts.


The code of ethics adopted by Ünlü Tekstil requires it to get involved with social responsibility projects and implement a total quality management system. All of our over 800 employees are committed to adhere international quality and work ethics, and protection of environment in line with these principles. In a world where many businesses suffer grand commercial losses, Ünlü Tekstil has an excellent record in terms of business growth – 20% each year for many years now.

Furthermore we are awarded ISO standard approvals in areas such as design, development, manufacturing, facility and service quality.

Ünlü Tekstil Continues to Grow

Ünlü Tekstil continues to grow with its investments within the industry giving it a prestigious place among the greatest garment manufacturing and exporting companies in Turkey. For 25 years, we have been able to evaluate customer expectations accurately and keep up with the competitive conditions to reach today's contemporary business structure.


The 26.000 m2 new plant, opened in May 2009, is a milestone in the history of Ünlü Tekstil, and we are proud to say that the costs of construction and installation were completely met by company’s own resources. This investment meant that the company has gained the speed, quality and capacity required by a competitive market.


Ünlü Tekstil moved its operations to İstanbul in 1992 becoming one of the largest garment manufacturers in Turkey.


Ünlü Tekstil was founded by Sabri Ünlü in 1980 in the Netherlands.

Values of Ünlü

The following are our esteemed values that give our company its distinctive features and define its characteristics:To see its employees as the greatest source of strength and to be trustful, reliable, innovative, responsible and dedicated. Solidarity and team spirit that we build together with our employees.

Appreciating the value of our employees, and approaching them positively in the way they’re entitled; to be contemporary, innovative, reliable, determined, fair and responsible and work in a selfless manner. We are aware that learning lessons from our mistakes is a great strength, we can only be strong if we obey the ethical rules in a mature and modest way.

Our Export Policy

Thanks to our fully fledged export department and Authorized Obligatory Certification we re able to export efficiently all over the world. All kind of transportation and export/customs procedures are handled by our company.


Ünlü Tekstil is a textile manufacturer endorsed by world famous brands which enjoy high quality production services of this manufacturing giant. Thanks to its years of experience Ünlü Tekstil has been serving the versatile needs of its customers with the help of specialized departments created over many years.

Integrated manufacturing structure means that Ünlü Tekstil can deliver a full service - i.e. from design to quality assurance of all items - to the global brands helping them build their reputation. We will also help you to establish contact with Turkish and international fabric producers and guide you through sale processes as well as other formal stages.

Human Resources Policy

In our eyes, our employees are the most important and valuable resource of our company. We are a company that is aware of the importance of internal training and productive working conditions, so with this in mind we make sure that various communication channels are created for our employees and they are offered training from the first day they joined the company.

Training Programs

The training programs we schedule guide our employees in many paths, namely their job description, work flow, targets, related reports, and when and if employees lost their sense of direction we are there to assist them. All these trainings are offered in line with the company’s quality management system and when employees are recruited, and during their career in the company.

Our Quality & Sustainability Certificates


In addition, our company has been certified with OCS 100 CERTIFICATE by Control Union as an ORGANIC MANUFACTURER.

Besides, each and every year, our company is subject to audits by international independent auditing organizations such as SEDEX and BSCI in terms of social compliance and code of conduct.


Our aim is to provide fast and high quality services to our customers by combining our customer focused modern designs and models with our production experience and the team spirit.

With this understanding we want to continue our venture by earning the trust of our customers, and meet their needs in the best way possible by adhering to principles of high quality and efficiency.


Our vision is to become the first brand that comes to mind of customers with its effectiveness, quality and production power in a competitive race. We are determined to continue to appreciate our fundamental values and goals while trying to reach an equilibrium between satisfied customers and happy employees.

Information Society Services

Corporate Information

Type: Incorporated Company

MERSIS Nr: 0915024978500011

Trade Registry Office: İstanbul Trade Registry

Trade Registration Number: 292801

Commercial Title: Ünlü Tekstil Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi

Address: Emek Mah. Sıvat Cad. No: 15 34650 Sancaktepe / İstanbul

Subscribed Capital Amount: TRY 61.950.000,00

Paid Capital: TRY 61.950.000,00

Date of Registration: December 16, 1992

Tax Office: Anadolu Kurumlar

Tax ID Number: 9150249785

Industry: Ready-Made Garments

External Audit Company

Company Name: Bosphorus Bağımsız Denetim A.Ş.

Address: Bağlarbaşı Mh.Bağlarbaşı Cd.No:51/66

Contact Information: +90 (212) 614 42 22

Tax Office: Gaziosmanpaşa

Tax ID Number: 180 070 5201

Board of Management

Chairman of the Board: Refika ÜNLÜ AKBULUT

Vice Chairman of the Board: Sabri ÜNLÜ, Oğuz AÇIKGÖZ