Demand-Centric Production

15 Mar 20214 min read

The good old Push-Strategy is replaced by the Pull-Strategy. The old Push-Strategy was also causing unsold goods which was a huge cost for not only the company but also environment.

In order to adapt we developed an Open to Produce system that enables in-season reactivity for the Open to Buy approach.

An average of 100 billion pieces of garment is manufactured every year.


19 Flexible and in house Production lines

Short lead times:

  • Adding more technology for mass customization.
  • If our customer allows making initial SMV analyze together with the customer to minimize TIME-TAKER operations
  • Our new MTM system will be fully integrated into pre-production SMV’s
  • If our customer allows using NTechnician for some time-taker operation to decrease the SMV at the sampling stage.
  • To shorten fabric supply lead time: 
  • To create a stock program with fabric mills comprising about 30 core best bestsellers, different construction and content.
  • Getting regularly stock/unused positions from the mills and sharing with customers.

Production lines comply with segmented Assortments with smaller batches

Efficient Production supported by Artificial intelligence, data mining and analytics

Artificial intelligence integrated into line planning and line balancing. We aim to significantly increase productivity rates by automating operator-operation matches and line configurations with the deep learning algorithm fed from the detailed reports of the LTM system.