Remote Business & Online Collaboration

15 Mar 20213 min read

Brachistochrone curve is longer than a straight line but it’s the fastest way to reach an endpoint. We believe that the right use of science and technology closes the gap no matter what the distance is. We were already prepared for the world with social distancing rules. We have an online video conferencing system with high-quality hardware and software with a broadband connection. We use online collaboration tools to make our customers feel and work as we are side by side at the facility. We continue investing in online collaboration tools and remote business systems for a future that we will continue to work remotely not because we have to but because we want to since it’s right, fast, and convenient. 

  • Driving innovation in R&D and in order to minimize the impact of travel ban
  • Continuous service for trendy fabric and models
  • Sustainably materials (hire someone just to research sustainable materials) developing UPCYCLING (creative reuse) Project

Remote Business

remote business