Material Localization

15 Mar 20216 min read

Driving innovation in R&D and in order to minimize the impact of travel ban

Continuous service for trendy fabric and models

Sustainably materials (continuous research for sustainable materials) developing UPCYCLING (creative reuse) Project.

The entire supply chain was also included in 360 degree sustainability efforts. We plan resource sharing and training processes with our suppliers through the Ünlü Tekstil Sustainability portal.

We have already created the necessary mindset, and started to be in line with our suppliers on 360 degree sustainability.

Our ties with our suppliers, who see that their own trade and future are more secure through sustainability studies, become stronger and this bond is reflected in the processes as synergy.

As Ünlü Tekstil, we are the pioneer of this vertical chain. As a requirement of this mission, we always try to take the first steps. We contribute, sacrifice, and make mid-term, long-term commitments before demanding. As the win-win model becomes concrete, the most accurate supply chain permitted by the region is already being formed.

We learn from each other. We learned a lot from our global customers. As Ünlü Tekstil, 10 years ago, we were far from our current knowledge and capabilities. But we loved our job, we were faithful and determined. 

we learn from each other

We have global customers with whom we have been working for more than 20 years. We learned together, developed together, grew up together. Together, we profited greatly from this bond of faith between us.

We are now walking the same path with our own suppliers. Of course, there are situations that we cannot solve with our local suppliers, as we never compromise on quality. However, we work with our suppliers to provide the quality we need, and we work together to bring our local supply chain to the point we aim by transferring know-how. 

When we make mistakes, just as those who do not give up on us have won, we will not give up on our suppliers. We will win together by fighting, and we will work together for a more sustainable regional future.