Supply Chain involvement

15 Mar 20216 min read

Production Units

  • In 2021, same as 2020, the SLCP and HIGG FEM modules of all Production Units will be developed, self-assessments will be completed and verification will be provided.
  • As in Ünlü Tekstil, development plans on social and environmental issues will be prepared in other units, and clear targets will be set for the end of 2021.
  • All our production units will be trained on the environment, and monthly follow-ups will be made in the relevant areas in order to improve environmental awareness and to achieve a minimum of 7% GHG Reduction.
  • The chemical management will be under Ünlü's control as always, and all chemicals used in PUs will continue to be 100% MRSL Compliance.
  • IREC Certifications will also be promoted for PUs to support renewable energy.


Tier 2

  • SLCP and HIGG FEM modules of all Tier-2s under our responsibility will be developed, self-assesments will be completed and verification will be provided.
  • Checks regarding MR requirements will be made periodically.
  • For all Tier-2 Units under our responsibility, monthly chemical usage, E3 entries, energy consumption, performance data follow-up lists will be created, data will be collected and development areas will be followed.
  • 2021 goals will be determined based on the previous period data on energy and water usage. Thus, GHG Reduction studies will be carried out.
  • In 2020, a Quality Audit was made to 7 Tier-2 units, and a follow-up audit was carried out to 1 fabric company and a score increase was observed in parallel with their development. Through the Ünlü Academy, Tier-2 units will be supported not only in social and environmental areas, but also in the sustainable quality system.

Wep Unit

  • We will continue to ensure that Akça Wash, which is under our responsibility, has MR compliance, chemical management system, ZDHC V.2.0 studies and 100% MRSL compliance.
  • Follow-up of what is done within the scope of the Efficiency Project will continue.