Social compliance in 2021

15 Mar 20214 min read


  • Free breast cancer screening will be provided for our female employees.
  • In separate sessions for our female and male employees; With the We Will Stop Femicide Platform, trainings and seminars will be given on violence and harassment against women.
  • Our female employees will be trained on the Women's Support Application (KADES), which is one of the projects of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
  • Through Ünlü Tekstil Sustainability portal and Ünlü Academy, trainings will be held in order to prevent incidents such as violence and harassment that women are exposed to.
  • A guide on avoiding discriminatory language and behaviors in business life will be prepared and distributed in a printed format after a training to be given to all employees. In this context, additional information will be provided on the basis of gender inequality in language.


  • ÜnlüLibrary will be established and the participation of employees will be encouraged. New books will be added to the library every month by the administration.
  • A Psychological Counseling unit will be established in the enterprise, with an expert who will be available on certain days and hours of the week continuously and in the remaining times according to the need.
  • Resting areas will be designed in order to increase the quality of the employees' break times within the enterprise. Sections such as reading sofa, table games area and table tennis are considered.
  • Arrangements will be made to broadcast documentaries during meal breaks at the cafeteria.