15 Mar 20217 min read

GHG Emission Reduction

Solar energy panels will be installed in the Ünlü Tekstil building.

  • 70,4% of the electrical energy consumption will be provided by these panels.
  • The estimated CO2 emission to be prevented will be 523 tons per year.
  • The amount of carbon emissionprevented will be equal to planting 45000 trees annually.

We will continue contributing to renewable energy generation by obtaining IREC Certificates.

Carbon emission values will be determined by measuring the carbon footprint of Ünlü Tekstil. Reduction goals will be set.

By conducting an energy study with the consultancy of an expert firm, inefficiency points in our electricity, natural gas, water and diesel consumption will be determined and improvements will be processed.

To compensate for some of our carbon footprints, trees will be planted in cooperation with Tema Foundation.

Electricity, Water, Natural Gas consumption data will be monitored daily, weekly, and unnecessary uses will be determined and prevented.

A bicycle parking area will be constructed and the employees who live close to the business location will be encouraged to use bicycles to reduce fuel consumption.

Training on energy conservation will be prepared on the Ünlü Sustainability platform and all our employees will participate.

Devices and faucet apparatus that reduce water consumption will be provided and distributed to all our employees for use in their homes.

The taps in the business will be transformed into sensored and at the end of the year, a minimum of 5% domestic water consumption will be reduced.

Training on water saving will be prepared on the Ünlü Sustainability platform and all our employees will participate.

Fabric waste and fabric clippings will be transformed into fibers by providing suitable machinery and transformed into felt, shopping bags etc for the employees.

Cardboard or cloth bags will be used instead of plastic bags, samples sent to customers will be sent in cloth bags.

The consumption of products such as paper, cardboard, toner, stain remover etc. will be monitored and reduced. Paper usage will be tracked by installing counters on all printers.

Electronic wastes will be collected with the participation of employees in 2021, and tree planting will be carried out in cooperation with relevant institutions within the scope of Atıklar Ağaç Olsun project.

Collecting plastic cap will continue in 2021 with the participation of employees. The caps collected will be donated to the Spinal Cord Paralytics Association for wheelchairs.

Sustainable Materials

•We have opportunity to use recycle yarn and fusing

•Package fulness