Sustainability Portal

15 Mar 20215 min read

As Ünlü Tekstil, we are entering a new era in which we position 360° sustainability approach as the backbone of our future vision. We have developed a communication portal and launched its first phase in order to carry out the trainings necessary for the active participation and engagement of all our employees, and manage the goals and processes to be set in line with this vision.

The Sustainability Portal is currently accessible only by the authenticated users from Training sessions are held out only for the Ünlü Tekstil personnel. Sustainability Portal is also used as a communication and collaboration platform for Social Compliance.

We also conduct our Employee Representative elections on the Sustainability portal with full transparency. The whole election process is accessed by anyone from the portal without authentication and the results are also published publicly.

Sustainability portal has been live since January 2021. After going live we immediately started to plan a 2nd version. Following features are planned for the version 2 of the sustainability portal:

  • Public access to some of the contents that are valuable for the sustainability issues of the whole industry.
  • Registration from outside of Ünlü Tekstil.
  • Trainings for the people outside Ünlü Tekstil to contribute to the sustainability of the local garment manufacturing ecosystem.
  • An inhouse social communication platform for the employees.
  • Collecting sustainability ideas from individuals assisted by a voting system.
  • Sustainability project initiation and process management system for employees.

We value participation and communication with our employees. We are doing our best for a better world. We are trying to be a garment company of the future.