Black Earth

06 May 20214 min read

“My faithfull love is black earth” says Aşık Veysel who was one of the greatest ashiks in history.

According to the United Nations remaining topsoil on Earth will be gone within 60 years. In other words, we have 60 harvest left if we don’t stop and find another way.

By 2050 it’s estimated that 1 billion people will be refugees of desertification.

We believe that Sustainability is our future and should have a 360° coverage. We aim to make it a program that mimics the symbiotic relationship in nature. We are doing our best to be the garment company of the future. We are dedicated to building a better future for our children.

We love soil. We live on soil. We eat from soil. But today we are faced with the danger of losing our soils.

The ecosystem in nature is perfected in millions of years. It’s a flawless system in every way. But yet we find a way to disrupt this beautifully functioning system with destructive production methods. With wrong farming practices and unsustainable businesses we make it uninhabitable for us. We are dedicated to produce more and more with every way we can and never ask the vital question: How long can we continue to produce like this?

And the question is answered by scientists no matter we ask or not: 60 years