Today is the new Tomorrow

15 Mar 20213 min read

We live in a world of fast-paced technology where sci-fi is real life. Innovations that changed the world that used to be once in 10 years are now happening every day. Long-awaited tomorrows are no longer an issue. Every day we wake up is a new tomorrow. Today is the new tomorrow. If you catch today, you live tomorrow, if you miss today, you live in the past.

Everything is changing and you are waiting for a new normal? There is no normal anymore. Change will never stop for long to make you feel comfortable. By the time you get used to a new situation, everything will have changed already.

Status quo is dead. Long live ...! Nothing will live long unless it adapts.

Natural selection has become more visible than ever in world history with the speed of change. And more obviously than ever, the one with the most adaptability wins. Instead of endless refinement of static conventional methods to survive, adapt and be part of the dynamism and change.

Vision keyword: Dynamic Adaptation