Industry shift in 2020

15 Mar 20212 min read

  • Fast paced online startups is changing all businesses as well as garment industry.
  • Shift to bottom-up trend setting. Influencers and social platforms like Instagram are the new trendsetters. Trends are more likely to pop up from the Street.
  • The ‘PULL’ model replaced the old ‘PUSH’ model, in which products are developed, tested and produced on demand.
  • Industry is changing from the old preorder model to:   (The Future Outlook)
  • In-season reactivity, open-to-buy approaches to be more responsive.
  • Demand focused model,
  • Speed to market within weeks
  • Smaller batches, less stock, less waste
  • Reduced Lead time
  • Automation supported with AI and Deep Learning is going to zero the gap between labor costs, productivity and sustainability.